Outfit: Peachy Keen

This dress is called the "Scout" dress so I thought a little straw hat would be the perfect complement, which inspired my family to call me "Anne of Green Gables" when they saw me. There are worse comparisons, so I'm not complaining! The full shape of the skirt really came into play because standing on the edge of this lake meant getting constantly buffeted by winds from behind! My hat decided to fly off more than once, but I managed to catch it before it was completely gone with the wind. Even with the wind it's been wonderful to go outside with the sun out and bare legs! This weather makes me want to wear all the light dresses and my new one by Samantha Pleet for Urban Outfitters couldn't be more perfect right now! I love the unique prints she makes each season (I own four Pleet dresses now and each is an amazing print) and this one features little birds on vines with flowers--it reminds me of old manuscripts similar to the way her fall collection looked although rendered very light and cheerfully for the season. And since it was briefly sunny I just wanted to wear all the bright accessories!

Outfit details:
old trench coat
Nila Anthony purse
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  1. Love your dress! And your bag is so cute :-) Also, the lighting in these shots is wonderful! x


  2. This outfit is the cutest- love this photo set! Alex


  3. Adorable look!! Cute dress and bag!

  4. The colours are so great :D
    This dress is the cutest ^_^ Your shoots are always so lovely ♥ and your style is inspiring

    Big Hello from England

    Sarah xxo | thesaltyseablog.blogspot.co.uk

  5. It is very Anne of Green Gables! Love it!
    Super cute outfit- makes me want summer.

  6. Haha I just commented on your instagram that you remind me of Anne of Green Gables here but apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that LOL

    But you're definitely more like modern day Anne, if anything ;)

    Alive as Always

  7. those shoes are gorgeous!

    xx nikki

  8. Oh my you really do look like Anne of Green Gables - my all-time favourite literary heroine and feminist pioneer! It's a great comparison, I agree! This look is so charming on you. I hope you had fun and enjoyed the warm weather.

    Saba x



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