Beauty: Easy Victory Rolls

*wearing Unique Vintage dress c/o, Lancome eyeliner, & Clinique "red red red" lipstick

I've never attempted any vintage hairstyles before because they seemed very intimidating, but I recently tried "victory rolls" and it was surprisingly easy! Victory rolls emerged around WWII and are partly responsible for the demise of Veronica Lake's career, but I'm trying to not hold that against them. Still it was a useful hairstyle for women heading into factories to work and favored by a number of pin-ups in that era. This hairstyle looks great on curly, or messy hair and will work if you have shorter hair as well--my hair was unwashed and had been curled the day before.
How to:
-separate a small section of hair towards the front of your face; a good guide is to go from the back of your ear to your part line. tie the rest of your hair out of the way
-curl the section holding your iron parallel to the ground
-raise the section of your hair high and slowly roll it around two fingers down towards your scalp
-it takes a little practice to get your rolls to look how you want them to, so just take your time and try again until you like the way they look--I never get them right on the first try
-pin in place; I usually place 1-2 bobby pins in the front of the curl and one in the back
-repeat the process on the other side; I have long sideswiped bangs so I pin these to one side while curling the section
-don't worry if your rolls are exactly the same size, I actually prefer them a little asymmetrical
-let the rest of your hair down and curl or style however you choose
-secure everything in place with hairspray


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