Beauty: Recent Hair Tutorials & A Question

waterfall twist
knotted ponytail

So in the past couple of months I've learned a waterfall twist, tried my hand at rag curls again, intentionally made knots in my hair, and did a sweet braided bun. I'm eager to learn more hairstyling tricks and get better at the new styles I've experimented with. Which brings me to today's question: what hairstyle should I attempt next?



  1. A bow bun or a knotted braid would be nice to see!

  2. I'd love to see a French twist!

  3. HairNailsInspiration on Youtube
    All the tutorials you could want...

    The Long Hair Community
    Loads of interesting and useful stuff, you don't have to sign up but some of the stuff only unlocks when you do

    Flettemama on Instagram

    Should keep you going...

  4. I adore all of these styles! Need to teach myself how to do that waterfall twist!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  5. Perhaps some variation on the fishtail braid? Is a fishtail wrap-around possible?

  6. you come up with the cutest hair styles!

    xx nikki

  7. A braided headband like Ginger Rogers' in Top Hat!

  8. Hi! I wondered ... what coloration do you use for your hair ? I would like mine to have the same color ! It is superb !
    Best regards from France.
    Tu es géniale ;)

  9. @Lucie Lardy, I talk about my dyes in this post. But the lighter copper shades you see here are what it looks around 3 weeks faded; I start with a darker red, so that's not what it looks like at the start with me.


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