Outfit: Diner

I grew up stopping at greasy-spoon diners with my family whenever we road tripped and post-college graduated to hanging out in them around 2am when stomachs are rumbling and conversations start to get good. Lancaster has a handful of great diners and I've visited all of them--mostly in the wee hours of the morning. Ah good old 24 hour stores and restaurants! And as much as I love the milkshakes and fries, the vintage look and feel of a diner, is part of the appeal. It's not all about "blast from the past" authenticity, but rather a coziness and relaxed atmosphere; at a diner you never feel rushed. Still based on looks alone, Neptune Diner is Lancaster's most attractive diner; beautiful chrome exterior and long narrow "rail car" shape that makes you feel as if you stepped back in time. Since I have spent so many hours in my local diners, it seemed fitting to finally snap a few pictures here--and my dress from Unique Vintage matched perfectly.


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