Outfit: Bookworm

We've been installing shelves and unpacking my books this week at our house, which is probably why this outfit feels very "librarian" or at least nerd in the library to me. I'm not really sure what gives me that feeling, although I do think I would be quite comfortable spending hours at a library in this look...of course I'd be pretty comfortable spending hours at a library in any outfit! A tiny house also really shows how much excess you have. I donated a number of books that weren't my favorites before shipping my final selection to Northern Ireland, but there still seems to be box after box of books to unpack and find a place for. Yet each time I go through a box and run my hands over the covers I think "oh yes, this is a good one" or "I should keep that one handy to re-read again soon." With clothes I'm more willing to get rid of an item because I haven't worn it in a year or so, but with books if they're one of my favorites I cling to them for dear life even though replacing them is quite easy...

Outfit details:
F21 cardigan
old purse (similar)
old heels
*pictures by Thomas


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