Beauty: Four Hairstyles For Super Messy Hair

Sometimes your rag curls turn out crazy or you slept in your curls and now your hair is a rat's nest but for whatever reason you aren't ready to wash it--these are a few hairstyles that thrive on super messy hair and don't require any brushing. Because I dye my hair I don't wash it every night to help make the color last, so sometimes even if my hair is super tangly, I'd rather leave it alone than damage it by brushing it or ruin my color by washing it. Sometimes styling messy hair is as easy as throwing a headband on, but there are a few other cute styles you can try as well.

First up: there's the classic Bardot-style pigtails. A tutorial for these would advise you to tease your hair before styling two low ponytails; if your hair's already a tangled mess you can skip the teasing! A thick headband or finishing the pigtails with simple black ribbons will help you channel Briggitte.
Secondly: the classic ponytail. Style it high or mid-height on your head and polish it off with a headband, or some hair clips.
Thirdly: a half-up, half-down hairstyle makes the mess look more intentional and keeps your tangles out of your face. Braids are too difficult on super tangled hair, so just twist small sections of your hair instead and pin them in place.
Last: the retro rolled up-do I showed last week works great on messy hair as well. Don't worry about making the roll look perfect, but embrace the mess and let pieces of your hair fall out to frame your face and give it a romantic undone look.


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