Outfit: Greenhouse Goddess

My honeymoon is ending today and it's rather bittersweet. Matera, Italy (if you've been following my Instagram you're probably already bored of hearing about it!) has been incredibly lovely and the weather during our stay couldn't have been more perfect. Just a stream of warm, sunlit days encouraging us to walk a little slower and linger a little longer at every cafe and gelato shop that caught our eye. But it's back to the sometimes rainy Northern Ireland (as these pictures attest to) and our petite gatehouse!
With summer officially here I'm definitely loving all of the white dresses this year. I wore this dress in Italy too, but I'm still not bored of it! I love the little embroidery details on the front which suit my new rings from Aliquo (a French designer who lives and creates her jewelry in Ireland) so perfectly. The rings remind me of mood rings, but a bit more sophisticated!

Outfit details:
jean jacket (similar)
old purse
*pictures by Thomas


Wendy Sice said...

Gorgeous outfit! I do so love your hair. And congratulations on getting married!! Any wedding pics??? Would love to see them...

Liv said...

Congrats!! Such a beautiful outfit to celebrate a special time.



Chelsea Letourneau said...

Love your dress and it looks gorgeous against the background. I also really like the way you styled your hair today - beautiful as always, Rebecca! Congratulations on getting married, I would love to see pictures and hear more about it.

Kristie Glenn said...

Beautiful pics! Sounds like great time!


Sarah Clark said...

Awww, Rebecca! You look so beautiful! I am absolutely in love with your hair. I wish I could style mine like that! Hope you had a lovely honeymoon in Italy

Anonymous said...

Wow! you look so much better with this eye makeup!
and congrats!

Livia S. said...

Lovely to hear that you had an amazing time in Italy! And really happy that you are back on the blog :)
your hair is so gorgeous I just can't get over it! :O

Celyn PS said...

you look great! cute outfit and all your photos are so gorgeous!


Elsa said...

You look really beautiful in that embroidered dress.

Alice Gibbs said...

This is such a beautiful outfit. I've very nearly just ordered the dress but unsure I'd ever do it this kind of justice!