Outfit: Bananas

Getting a new bicycle has inspired me to wear more shorts and flats. I can and will bike in a dress or skirt as I get more comfortable on my bike, but right now nothing beats the convenience of shorts. I now live near a lot of quiet country roads, so I can go for a ride without worrying about cars--all I passed on this bike trip was one tractor and two pedestrians. I'm really enjoying my evening rides along these empty roads passing more sheep in their pastures than people and learning my way around this new area a little better.

Outfit details:
F21 cardigan



  1. You're outfit is simply amazeballs :)

  2. Love it. I bike in everything all the time around this busy urban city. I just put on a tiny pair of yoga shorts underneath dresses and go. It's the best way to get around I think. Glad you're enjoying your picturesque rides. They look truly lovely.


  3. that bike is AWESOME! I want one :) Haha also I bike in dresses all the time. Just wear spandex underneath and you're golden! :P

  4. Oh your hair, bike and outfit are just perfect. Such a beautiful location too!

  5. Those shorts are so unique. Love them.



  6. Those shorts are way too cute! Gorgeous photos <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  7. Yay, you're shooting your own pictures again! I knew as soon as I saw this post that it would not have the note "*pictures by Thomas" at the bottom. I missed your "eye"! Thomas, of course, is an excellent photographer, and all his shots have been lovely, but his eye is different than yours, and yours is the one I have come to love while reading your blog!

  8. Sometimes I wonder how people come across these clothing sites like where your shorts are from! Looks like I've found a new site to browse for new things. Thanks for sharing this look, I love it :)

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  10. It's kind of refreshing to see you in shorts. It just seems like such a rare occurrence that it's always so mind-blowing when I do. Even in casual denim shorts you still managed to put a flare into your outfits. That is so Rebecca Stice, for me. That top caught my eye since the moment I laid eyes on it. Beautifully styled too! ♥
    Also, I miss your photography. While Thomas is amazing at it, each photographer has different styles and edge, and yours is one very accustomed to. You always have an apt for finding the most secludedly gorgeous places and taking it from the perfect angle to turn it into something other-worldly.

    Happy biking, Rebecca! Let us know if you find new wonderful spots!

    Alive as Always


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