Beauty: Easy Face-Framing Twist Braid

This is a take on the twist ponytail from last week with a small variation in placement and how you build the twist braid. This style is great for growing out bangs/fringe as well, because I still have some fringe that always falls out when I attempt face-framing braids, but this twist kept it all in place!  The trick is the same as last week: twist two small sections in the same direction and then cross them over each other in the opposing direction. That will keep your twist braid from unraveling once you tie it.
How to:
-take a small section of your hair from the front of your face
-divide it into two parts
-twist both parts in the same direction; I twisted mine towards my face
-cross the front section over the back section
-add a few strands of hair to section that is now on the bottom and twist it, then cross it over so it's now on top
-repeat the process, adding small sections of hair each time until your twist reaches near the top of your ear
-stop adding small sections of hair and twist all the way to the ends of your hair and tie in place with an elastic


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