Outfit: Clothes Pegs

The sheets were already hung on the line, so I couldn't resist taking a few pictures with my lovely Book of Deer clothes peg dress! It's a sweet classicly shaped dress and the clothes pin embroidery adds such a nice detail. This dress will also hold a special place in my heart since I wore it on the day I was fingerprinted and photographed for my UK visa! A stressful day of long lines and equally long waits, but since it all ended a short time later with my visa in my hands I don't have any complaints. Anyway, it's one of those great workhorse dresses in your closet. It's quite lovely, but the cut and length make it so practical for everyday life I always find myself wearing it on days when I have a lot to do. I throw this dress on, feel comfortable and confident, and then it's on to the day's to-do list!

Outfit details:
jean jacket (similar)
old sandals
old purse
*pictures by Thomas



  1. I loved how you displayed the outfit in the line! Its such a creative and lovely way to do it. Lots of love!

  2. Sometimes, the clothes you wear are just so lovely I want to insta-buy them. I'm always gutted when it turns out they're super expensive (for me at least). Someday I hope to save up and buy one of your gorgeous dresses, because I know that the price tag indicates just how worthwhile these pieces are. Great post as always!

  3. I can't stand how adorable that dress is! I'm generally averse to cutesy prints, but those pins are done so simply and the background color is so classy...lovelovelove.

  4. That's so pretty! It looks comfortable.

  5. I wish I looked as cheerful when hanging out sheets to dry!
    Gorgeous dress, you are right about the length

  6. @Olivia, I know what you mean--even though pieces are an investment for a reason, I have a hard time spending a lot of money at once. For Book of Deer though all of her pieces tend to be 50% off if you get them off-season (i.e. when her next collection is out in the fall this dress will be 50% off). I don't always talk about that b/c it seems a bit harsh to recommend shopping off season for the designer, but most of my pieces by Book of Deer were bought off season!

  7. I like how creative this post was. And a belated congratulations on your wedding! I've been creepily visiting your blog over the years, and finally get to say that I am very happy for you! :D

  8. It's really lovely and those clothes pegs are amazing! I'm curious about fabric though. I see on the website that it's 100% polyester, which I normally try to steer clear of, but it looks like quite a nice fabric on your blog. Thoughts on that?

    +1 to the shopping off season. :)

  9. This is such an adorable photoshoot! I love how you always know how to be witty with your outfits. Also adore your minimal make up, more fitting for a day of errands and chores than a night out to parties. Really, really well done. You look like a countryside wife here - and a little maternal too. Your life looks like such a movie scene now - well, at least from these photos your house looks like a great setting for an indie movie.

    Alive as Always

  10. @Emily, from feel I'd hardly guess the dress is polyester. It's very nice to the touch and moves well; silky without being one of those too stiff/shiny blends. And the dress is fully lined.

  11. love those shoes!

    xx nikki


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