Travel Diaries: Honeymoon in Matera Pt1

For our honeymoon Thomas and I spent one heavenly week Matera, Italy. I've already flooded my Instagram with pictures of it and now I can't resist sharing some on the blog as well. It was the most relaxed week and despite not intending to take many pictures the city was too beautiful for us to not get snap-happy. Every time we turned a corner we were pleasantly surprised by some picturesque scene and at the end of each flight of stairs we were treated to a new breath-taking view of the city. I'll write a more informative travel guide to Matera when I have a bit more time, but today I only wanted to share a few of the beautiful pictures we took. 



  1. It looks like you had the whole city to yourself! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. I love how you almost blend right in. Gorgeous! Favorite shot: you, rim-lit with the sunset, sitting on the wall. I'll bet it's an amazing trip for you guys. Congrats! :)

  3. Absolutely stunning pictures! I must visit there someday.
    Your blog never fails to inspire me.

    - Katie

  4. This looks like the most amazing trip! It looks like you two were the only people in the city! I bet that was so fun to explore. The photos are beautiful.
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  5. Matera looks breathtakingly beautiful...what made you choose that city to visit?

  6. @Anonymous, there were a number of reasons. We had both visited Italy in the past and enjoyed it and wanted to go again but to a city we hadn't seen before. Thomas did a little research and when we saw pictures of Matera we both were very intrigued and then we found a cheap Ryanair flight from Dublin to a nearby airport and that pretty much sealed the deal!

  7. The photograph coloring is really beautiful! xx

  8. These photos make it seem like you both owned the city! Also, it looks like Matera is stuck in the old days of the Romans or so, which is always a good thing. Absolutely gorgeous and picturesque :)

    Alive as Always

  9. These photos are beautiful. Thank You for inspiring me to visit Matera, Italy one day. Congratulations on your marriage. : )

  10. These pictures are amazing. Madera looks so dreamy and perfect.


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