Blog Birthday: 8 Years Strong

As of today I have been blogging for 8 years! I have a hard time remembering exactly why I sat down and pinned that first post back in 2007 and the girl I was back then. There's been a lot of growth, several moves, and various hair colors in the intervening years and the blog has served as a diary recording many of those events. I'm grateful to have this journal to look back on and can only imagine how amusing it will be to look at eight years from today--certain old posts already make me cringe!
But I don't like to use my blog's birthday as a day to get very nostalgic and wax on about the past. Instead every year I try to think of some goals for the coming year and celebrate the occasion with a video. I've a lot of ideas for improving my blog and some new creative projects I'm really excited about this fall. For this year's special video Thomas and I decided to do a little fairytale themed shoot in some rainy woods. The video is inspired by the legend of "The Red String of Fate." I hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading my blog for all these years!


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