Outfit: At The Dock's End

After months upon months of living out of suitcases and boxes, moving out of one house into another temporary home, and finally the big move across the pond, it is so nice to have all of my clothing in one place.
I weeded out a lot of my closet before I moved and saved the pieces that I loved the most---like this skirt. It doesn't get enough wear, but I'll blame the previously talked-about suitcases and boxes on that. The colors in the skirt seemed like a perfect match for my new purse from Modcloth. The bag is part of their recent collaboration with Brit-Stitch; which is an incredibly classic collection in the sweetest array of colors.

Outfit details:
old cardigan
old sandals (similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. I really like the balance of regular outfit photos and ones with the fish eye lens. That skirt is absolutely beautiful.

  2. The shots where you used the fish eye lens really turned out so good! I really like the effect.

    Have you ever tried using Split Image filters? They give a sort of kaleidoscope effect, makes cool looking portraits I think! I bought ones for Holga toy cameras and just held them in front of my dSLR for a photo project and it turned out really cool.

  3. beautiful.
    the third photo is me fav. ♥

  4. Your skirt is defs a favorite of mine! :D

    Love sea prints.


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