Outfit: Fisheye

I feel the key trick to preventing a "rut" (whether it be style, blogging, creative work, etc) is to push yourself to continue improving the quality of what you produce. For me, I'm constantly trying to improve my photography--I want every post I make to be better than the last. Obviously some days I fail at that goal and think my photography falls short of what I'm capable of, but bad days are just more motivation to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. Still, I'm always using the same camera and lens when it comes to outfit posts, so recently I bought a second lens--a fisheye--to play with. I'm still torn on whether it's more of a gimmick than a practical lens for fashion photography, but today's post features a mix of my regular lens and the new fisheye. The distortion is less intense when used in wide spaces which makes the images more suitable for a fashion blog, but less of an example of what the lens is capable of. What do you think of the fisheye effect?

Outfit details:
Trask sandals
*all pictures by me, you can find my self portrait photography tips here


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