Outfit: Orangsicle

This is one of my favorite vintage dresses, but I don't wear it too often because a few of the seams are beginning to unravel. I could probably re-sew them, but right now I'm erring on the side of preserving its condition rather than trying to fix it.

Outfit details:
vintage dress
old heels


rina said...

Stella photography! That narrow depth of field! I love the effect! And, of course, the outfit is gorgeous, too.

Amber said...

That ring is amazing! Beautiful as always.

Hannah Lewis said...

The dress is so beautiful!


Rebecca Jane said...

That dress is gorgeous - I can see why you would want to preserve it rather than risk the fix. Also - that trail looks like the kind of place where magical things would happen - lovely!

Tessa said...

I absolutely adore your dress, the colour and style suit you incredibly well! The location is so beautiful too, great photos!

Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

Rachel Dahl said...

I would resew it before it gets worse though. Such a pretty burnt orange color :)

Christina said...

Your purse reminds me of an old bible carrier!


Anonymous said...

do you have any favorite etsy vintage shops? I love all the vintage dresses you show!

The Magpie Girl said...

Loving all the little quirky accessories. They have so much personality!