Outfit: French Fries

Sometimes British-English doesn't feel like English at all when Thomas says something and I just stare at him in confusion, but I'm steadily learning to call fries, chips and chips, crisps.
Whatever you call them it's one of my favorite foods so learning the proper name is high on my priority list! Burger King was always my favorite treat stateside, but I've found a favorite chippy here with curry chips that I like to indulge in. All this fry/chip talk to say: this purse had to be mine...and now I'm hungry!

Outfit details: 
old Rachel Antonoff dress


Liv said...

Your big totally makes a statement. Love it.



Helen Fielding said...

I'm glad you've embraced the chippy! Fish and chips is my favourite takeaway.

Hello Kuo said...

i love that ribbon in your hair! it looks so pretty with the collar of your dress. it also complements the burger clip(: i knew that they called french fries chips in england, but for the longest time i seriously wondered what they called chips haha


Ás voltas coa moda said...

I really love the bag!!!!!! Perfect!

Laura Mitbrodt said...

Your purse is so cute, I love this look

Winnie said...

I love that you mention the chippy! You're definitely becoming more British now ;) Fab bag too! x

The Savidge One said...

Haha in Australia we call one hot chips and the other chips..
You look lovely, congratulations on your wedding and move! We might also be moving to northern ireland soon, so it's nice to see you're enjoying it :)