Outfit: Red Telephone Box

A red telephone box has to be one of the most iconic British visuals--even when the paint is chipping away, it's nestled on a quiet country road, and slowly becoming overgrown with foliage. There's a few of these dotted around the countryside and I always get a kick when I see them while out for a walk or drive. Since my outfit was so perfectly coordinated with a red phonebox I convinced Thomas to stop and help me snap a few pictures by this one.

Outfit details:
Betsey Johnson purse
Sally Hansen nail wraps
*pictures by Thomas


Liv said...

Love the photos and of course the outfit.



Rebecca Jane said...

I never tire of your beautiful and creative posts. Always such pretty settings and such gorgeous ensembles too.

Orcrane said...

I am in love with your jacket!
It suits you very well!
With love,


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

stunning photos! i love the dress.


Marta said...

These pictures are so lovely! Great outfit!

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ayme nicole said...

That dress is so freaking cute and it's from Romwe! I used to buy from there a long time ago but haven't checked it out in a while. Looks like I'm going to have to!


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Amy said...

Oh, wow, all of your photos are beautiful! Your outfit is so cute, and the setting is just perfect ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

matkailijakirppu said...

Great pictures and the bag is perfect for the location, as well! :) I hope some further use could be found for these phone boxes... To preserve them...