Outfit: The Dita Effect

Channeling my inner Dita Von Teese in today's rather extravagent look...

I started this look with my new tulle dress by Space 46 Boutique and thought I'd style it rather literally ballet inspired (what girl or woman isn't a sucker for a ballet look?). So up went my hair in a top knot and out came a simple pair of ballet flats, but then I started thinking "why not add this necklace?" And then one why not became another, those funny sunglasses, that dramatic sun umbrella, etc and before I knew it the look was far from the simple ballet inspired outfit I had originally conceived. In the end it reminded me of a Dita Von Teese outfit; retro, dramatic, and endlessly glamorous. At that point editing the photographs in black and white was a given.

*all pictures by me*


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