Outfit: Beach Me

Summer had a slow start for me; a lot of rainy, brisk days that seemed more suited for fall months. So while everyone else seems keen to move on to autumn and fall styling, I'm still clinging to every vestige of summer I can find. More beach days, carnvial rides, and barbeques please! It's still a cooler summer than I'm accustomed to, but as long as the sun is out I'm a happy camper. No doubt the longer I live in Northern Ireland the smaller my sandal and sunglass collection will get!

details: sunglasses, Romwe dress, purse, old sandals, Mejuri claw ring, Verameat starfish ring
*pictures by Thomas*


TheMillionSuns said...

I just love the contrast of your hair and the colors of the backround! Your hair looks always so beautyful!

Hello Kuo said...

i'm in california, and i still cling on to summer--so i understand your feelings haha. and i love how relaxed and breezy this dress is(: especially with the clean sandals and fun sunnies


Olivia said...

Oh man, every time you feature those little starfish hairclips my resolve weakens that little bit more! I voted for you in the competition by the way :) Good luck!

Katie Lee said...

How cute! Such a beach appropriate look.

I voted!

Katie | katielikeme.com

Anonymous said...

Oh that's a.shame! I would have vote for you as i love your style but i'm in Germany and only UK residents can vote :(
Anyway, keep up the good work and i hope you'll be the winner :-)

Abby said...

GORGEOUS outfit and photos! <3

daria@Kittenhood said...

I just realized that you're now a UK blogger instead of a US blogger! So much closer to home :)
I totally understand your wish to hang on to summer, even if mine was a hot one.