Travel: Weekend in Luxembourg City

Some photographs from our short weekend getaway exploring Old Town Luxembourg City.

At the end of last week Thomas and I boarded a plane and headed for a short weekend away in Luxembourg City. With light suitcases (I wore the same dress both days) and only a couple of short days we focused our explorations on Old Town Luxembourg, which is an Unesco-listed heritage site. It was a beautiful city filled with architectural gems in the most unexpected places; if you let your eyes wander up from the first floor of an H&M or hair dresser's shop you were treated to an Art Nouveau masterpiece of inlaid swans and vines or Art Deco-style decorative arches, oval-paned windows, and spindly turrets. It was a feast for the eyes.
The weather was perfect during our brief visit allowing us to indulge in regular ice cream breaks and dining alfresco--a rare experience when living in Northern Ireland. The sunshine and warmth seemed more common in Luxembourg where everyone else (even the other tourists) seemed to have a tan! A tan or more likely burn, was easily avoided by an early afternoon getting lost in the casements of the Bock--a series of tunnels built for defense in the natural cliffs along the River Alzette. Our visit was rounded off with some window shopping and an evening at the Schueberfouer (fun fair post to come later).

*pictures by Thomas & me*



  1. Oh what a beautiful town! I didn't know Luxembourg was a world heritage site. Glad I recently discovered your blog. Definitely admiring your cute pics and dress!

  2. luxembourg city looks and sounds gorgeous. the old architecture gives me butterflies--and i'm only looking at photos! and you look beautiful as well(:

  3. you look like you're in a perfume commercial and I am LOVING it.

  4. These are soo beautiful pohtos! ♥

  5. Gorgeous! Definitely on my bucket list.

  6. Wow! Gorgeous photos! I would love to visit Luxembourg one day. :) The dress and bag are just darling, and your hair is absolute perfection, too!


  7. GORGEOUS photos! I must visit this lovely place someday...

  8. Gorgeous! Your photos really capture the feel of the city. I visited Luxembourg last year and loved it. One of my friends is a Luxembourger, so he showed me around the city and some of the surrounding towns. It's a beautiful country, and the Luxembourgish language is really lovely as well.

  9. Ah, this post gives me a huge taste for wanderlust, especially since I couldn't go on vacation this Summer.
    I love your dress and your hair do!
    Absolutely gorgeous outfit and photos!

  10. Your blog is my spirit animal. I just found it and I loved it! Everything you wear is amazing! I saw your travel section and was very interested about it. I'm planning a backpacking trip next autumn and I'm definitely going to blog about it, but I was wondering if you think it is possible to keep the style while on the road. I wanted to include a fashion section but I am not sure if I can keep up with it and being practical about packing and weight limits at the same time.

    Anyways, beautiful dress and hairstyle in a beautiful city!


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