Outfit: Layering With Wolford

And just like that it's fall...or not quite, but it does feel like it here often enough. I'm usually the last to start layering, but a rainy day in Northern Ireland definitely calls for more than bare legs and a sunny disposition. Today I'm partnering with Wolford which has provided me with some perfect layering pieces. I wore my favorite Wolford tights last year to death, but because Wolford pieces are such high quality they're still in great condition and I know these Pure 50 navy tights will last me for more than one season as well. I was already a Wolford tights addict, but the Pure body pieces they sent me are my first foray into Wolford clothes and likely not my last! I'm wearing the bodysuit which layers perfectly without adding bulk or lines--even the sleeves are virtually invisible underneath my lightweight cardigan. It was in the lower 50s when I took these pictures and I know I'll be glad to have these layering pieces later in the winter when the temperatures drop more.

*all pictures by me*

*a better look at my Wolford PURE bodysuit*



  1. Your pictures are amazing as usual. I especially love the black and white / vintage-looking photo. That is brill. Your choice in clothing always inspires.
    I have loved Wolford body suits for years. I own the Claire Body, the Pure Body, and the Bahamas Body. I'm a sucker for expensive yet quality fashion. But I also really like the body suits from H&M. They're a lot lower quality, but make it so I can save my expensive ones for more special occasions.
    Thanks for all your posts! You are truly a fashion expert...love it!

  2. That eyeball ring is seriously freaky. Reminds me of Beastmaster. LOL

  3. OH but.....what happens when you have to pee?

  4. @Alex W, the bodysuit has snaps at the crotch, so it can just snap open. Although I don't really see why people are always interested by how other people pee in bodysuits/rompers/etc...

  5. your outfit makes me yearn for autumn and the opportunity to layer, but i have a couple more months before layering becomes a realistic option :/ for now i'll live vicariously through your outfits haha

  6. Yay exciting to see layering more and more! And I'm feeling inspired by that hat...this years gonna be my hat year! xxx

    Jesska - Opal Soul

  7. I adore this outfit, and the location is really beautiful too!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  8. You cut your bangs again! So cute! (Or do you have to say "fringe" now that you're in N. Ireland) :-)

  9. @rina Thanks! And yeah you pretty much have to say "fringe" b/c if you say "bangs" people will either just look at you blankly or correct you haha.

  10. Gorgeous outfit!! I have to check those tights! The body looks amazing! And your bangs are super cute! :D

    The Vintage Owl | Bloglovin

  11. Love this look, and your photos are amazing!

  12. But where is that gorgeous dress from? Love this look!

  13. @Amanda, I link or list everything when there's still a chance it is in stores, but that dress is by Dear Creatures and I've been wearing it since early 2010.

  14. Your dresses are always so cute! Love the shoes as well.
    xoxo Becca


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