Outfit: Layering With Wolford

And just like that it's fall...or not quite, but it does feel like it here often enough. I'm usually the last to start layering, but a rainy day in Northern Ireland definitely calls for more than bare legs and a sunny disposition. Today I'm partnering with Wolford which has provided me with some perfect layering pieces. I wore my favorite Wolford tights last year to death, but because Wolford pieces are such high quality they're still in great condition and I know these Pure 50 navy tights will last me for more than one season as well. I was already a Wolford tights addict, but the Pure body pieces they sent me are my first foray into Wolford clothes and likely not my last! I'm wearing the bodysuit which layers perfectly without adding bulk or lines--even the sleeves are virtually invisible underneath my lightweight cardigan. It was in the lower 50s when I took these pictures and I know I'll be glad to have these layering pieces later in the winter when the temperatures drop more.

*all pictures by me*

*a better look at my Wolford PURE bodysuit*


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