Outfit: Once Upon A Time

When I saw this dress I was reminded of Belle's yellow dress in Beauty & the Beast and decided to do a modern take on the Belle look, complete with book clutch. But then I received this sweet Frog Prince ring from GoodAfterNine and ended up mixing my fairy tales. I always liked Belle the way I liked Rory from Gilmore Girls because they were the "book nerds" of the fairytale and television world. The truth is most of the girls who read those books on heroines getting locked up by beasts or entering into whatever swashbuckling adventure the author has in mind--are nerdy. So when we find characters who represent us a bit more accurately (carrying safety-net books in your purse on dates--I'm looking at you Rory) it's very refreshing and we get attached to them. When I was younger my favorite heroines were more of the tomboyish, sword-wielding type, but deep-down I knew I wasn't one of them; I was the sidekick recording the heroine's journey for future generations or the reluctant heroine in a totally different tale completely unsuited for the adventures I was being thrust into.

*all pictures by me*


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