Beauty: Easy High Bun

I wasn't going to do a tutorial for this hairstyle, but after my beauty post last week I got a lot of requests on Instagram for how to style your hair this way. Good news: it's super easy. It's really just a high bun with a little ribbon; but the ribbon does add a certain pizzaz to the look making it seem more special than it is. Really nearly every hairstyle is improved with a little black ribbon! I think whether you are a ribbon person or not adding small details to your outfit or hairstyle makes a big difference.
How to:
-start with brushed, straight hair (I'm not sure how this would look with curly hair, because mine is naturally quite straight)
-hang your head down towards the ground and gather your hair in a high ponytail
-smooth out all of the bumps in your ponytail before tying it off; it doesn't matter what elastic you use because you won't see the elastic in the end
-twist your ponytail loosely and arrange it in a large, loose circle (like a donut)
-pin the hair in place, tucking the ends underneath
-take a long black ribbon and tie it around your bun; I like the way mine looks with a little bow in front


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