Outfit: Autumn Adventurer

Pictures from an autumn walk exploring some bogland in cozy layers. I had a yellow knit hat like this before and lost it in one of my moves in the past few years (3 states in 5 years before the big move here, not to mention changing houses/apartments within states, means a lot of things got lost or misplaced along the way). Of course, I thought my yellow knit hat was just gone forever but last Christmas I went home to find my mother wearing it! So rather than lost between moves it had been left behind and re-claimed. It was pretty funny to see it again after thinking it was just gone forever. Anyway, I saw this hat on Shop Ruche's site and snatched it as quick as I could so in the end I have a yellow knit hat again to call my own. I really like wearing mustard yellow pieces, I think they work really well almost as neutrals--I hope to get my hands on a yellow coat this year.
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details: Shop Ruche hat, Chicwish coat, old sweater, old jeans, old shoes, Cru London backpack 
*pictures by Thomas*


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