Outfit: Autumn in the Orchard

Autumn is probably the busiest time in the orchard; right now most of Thomas's family spends their days out picking apples from morning through evening with Jack (the small Jack Russel) running around their feet and ladders. This is Jack's first apple-picking season, but he follows a long legacy of farm dogs who called this place home before. He fits the picture; with Jack by my side and a vintage sweater on we look almost like a postcard from Ireland. What the pictures can't capture is the beautiful scent of apples on the air, tinged with wood smoke from a nearby home's fireplace; in a picture you can't hear the low hum of insects crawling among the fallen apples or the quiet sheep bleating carried up the hill from a neighboring field's flock. No, a picture or series of pictures is still only half the story.

details: vintage sweater c/o Croatia Vintage, skirt, grey socks, old wellies
*pictures by Thomas*


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