Outfit: Drum Manor

We often use our weekends to explore somewhere new--new for me anyway, but this weekend we went somewhere Thomas hadn't been before either; Drum Manor. It was a slightly random choice and we didn't know what to expect and we were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the place. The "manor" is more just a tower and walled courtyard, but the condition and ornateness of it is exceptional. I'd love to go back with a dramatic dress one day and do a more elaborate photoshoot. We went on a nice walk through the surrounding grounds as well and it was lovely; there was a swan in the lake and the woods are starting to turn and you really couldn't ask for a better Saturday.
I'm usually a dress devotee but this fall my style has been taken over by seperates. I'm loving blouses with detailed collars (and collar pins!) and pleated skirts more than any year before. In many ways my style hasn't changed much--I know what I like and almost have a uniform when it comes to pieces I'm attracted to, but there are seemingly random shifts that happen every so often. Like the shift from dresses to seperates even if the style of pieces stays fairly consistent. Sometimes it's just the way certain things take getting used to; like these boots I got two winters ago. The first year I had them I wore them maybe twice, then last fall and winter they started to appear more regularly in my outfits, and now this year they're practically my go-to. Do you have items like that in your wardrobe; pieces you aren't sure about at first but end up loving months later?

details: old hat, jacket, Tiralahilacha blouse, Shop Ruche skirt, black tights, vintage purse, boots
*pictures by Thomas*


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