Beauty: My Everyday Makeup Routine & Batty's Bath Review

I hate wearing a lot of makeup or taking a lot of time to apply makeup. Bold makeup I'm all about--a bright red lip and heavy winged eyeliner, yes please! But loads of products and more than 10 minutes to apply everything? No thanks. Case in point: I only recently started wearing mascara again. For a long time it just seemed like an unnecessary step, but I started trying out a few new products in the last couple of weeks and I think I might be hooked on mascara again. Maybe one day I'll even learn to contour...
The obligatory "before" and "after" look. You can definitely see the difference mascara makes here!
Quick run down: I start with a lightweight foundation/BB cream and then touch-up problem spots with some concealer. After that it's on to a highlighter, I recently switched to Clinique's Chubby Stick and I think it works better with my Casper-pale skin than any other highlighter I've tried. After that it's the beloved Nars blush in Orgasm (so good it's cliche) and my Lancome eyeliner (again don't mess with a good thing). Then I finish it off with some mascara, peachy lipstick and a bit of lipgloss.
The review: The Clean Slate natural mascara and Natural lip gloss in rose petal are the newest additions to my beauty routine, but they're on their way to being regulars. They were sent to me by Batty's Bath; a natural botanical based skin care line based in Canada. I was attracted to their brand because everything is made naturally with herbs grown in Batty's own garden and is animal-friendly, planet-friendly, etc. I don't only use all natural products myself but it's a direction I want to move in; I very rarely check what ingredients are in my beauty products. Anyway on to the actual review: the mascara makes my eyelashes look amazing and doesn't move all day; I like it and it doesn't feel too "heavy" on my lashes. The lip gloss smells and feels amazing. I tried it alone, but felt the color wasn't pigmented enough for my tastes (of course the rose petal shade is supposed to be light & natural), but I really like it layered on top of my lipsticks. Most of my lipsticks are matte which I usually like because lip glosses feel sticky to me, but my lips do usually feel dry halfway through the day. This lipgloss doesn't feel sticky and keeps my lips from feeling dry. Win-win. So I've enjoyed trying them out for a couple of weeks now and they could become permanent fixtures in my makeup routine...when I can be bothered with mascara!


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