Outfit: 3 Ways to Wear Miss Patina's Great Britain Shirt

Miss Patina is one of my favorite British brands and my love of Miss Patina and this new country I find myself in is combined rather perfectly in this simple but quirky white blouse. I don't usually go for button-down white shirts because they feel too business-y for me, but this one has enough personality in the embroidered collar and pocket to set it apart. There are so many ways to wear a blouse like this one and for today's post I styled three simple outfits around the shirt using pieces already in my closet--although another look I didn't get around to photographing is a cosy sweater with the collar peeking out (another look for another day!). Envisioning a new piece with three different outfits built from pieces already in your closet is actually one of my main shopping tips for developing personal style. When I get new pieces I can almost immediately think of several ways to wear it and if I can only think of one way to wear something I hesitate before adding it to my wardrobe. A white shirt is pretty easy to wear loads of times, but I tried to style it in three distinct outfits to show real versatility; after all this shirt with various skirts is multiple outfits but in the end they're all the same. How would you wear it?
*all pictures by me*


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