Outfit: Thief & Bandit

I've been a fan of Thief & Bandit's designs for awhile now and I finally have a few to call my own. All of the designs are hand printed using giant silkscreens at a home workshop and then each design is sewn by local seamstresses in Halifax, Canada. This twirl dress by them is my absolute favorite. I wore it awhile back on a sunlit day that still felt like summer and took these pictures, but I've worn it more recently with tights (same booties!) and a jacket. The black base makes it feel very all appropriate, although the bright print makes me feel it'll work well in spring and summer as well. Although I have several designs now I've still got my eye on their Thistle skirt and Birds of Prey dress--such fun, wonderful designs!
*pictures by Thomas & me*



  1. hi, not sure if it's due to the browser i'm using (safari), but your new format with the facebook/twitter stuff on the side totally obscured the photos and text and makes it a lot harder to read and enjoy.


  2. @Anonymous, yeah it is a browser thing but it still shouldn't be happening on any browser; I'll try to get it fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. I had never heard of Thief & Bandit, but the dress is so gorgeous! I love it even more now that I know all the work that went into making it. Also, I absolutely love the lighting in these pictures!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  4. Ooooo, that print is so pretty! (Did they use a gold paint in their printing? It looks metallic!)


  5. So so gorgeous! the light in these pictures is perfect and I love love the print on that dress <3

    The Quirky Queer

  6. love the look of these photographs! the light is stunning.

  7. Love the dress! and those photos are beautiful!


  8. Hey Rebecca...love the dress as always! That's such a gorgeous print! Do you plan on doing a photo editing tutorial anytime in the future? I love how the photos just look so warm and how to achieve that kind of effect.

    Also, what lens do you use for landscape shots? (example: the photos you took in Italy) Sorry for the gazillion questions, but is your 50mm lens the f1.4?

    Thank you and hope you're having a fantastic week so far :)

  9. I love this outfit that you put together and I'm so glad you posted about this brand. I hadn't heard about them before, but looking through their store, I was really happy to see that they use organic fabric and non toxic water based dyes. And, of course, their designs are just beautiful; their Thistle dress is one of my favorites as well, along with the Desert Floral full pocket skirt. Hopefully at least one of these pieces will make its way to my closet someday.

    Hope you're having a great week!

  10. @PuiYee I don't think I really know enough to do a photo editing tutorial. Actually for the warmth of these it's very little editing; you get warmer light at sunset and we adjusted the white balance on the camera to Kelvin which always makes everything warmer/more yellow-y as well. I use the Kelvin setting a lot.
    And I'm still using the same lens (so yes it's the 50 mm in Italy as well); it's just playing with the settings again to get the blur down or up depending on the shot we want. In the past few months I've used a fisheye a few times but you can generally always tell when it's being used since it distorts the pictures a bit (curves around the corners, etc).

  11. Hello Rebecca! Thanks for the swift reply...I feel like I'm always bugging you on the topic of photography, I hope it doesn't sound like an interrogation!

    I agree though that photography is about fiddling with settings and finding out what works for you and what doesn't. Still very much a novice here as I've only owned a DSLR for less than a year. Thank you very much about the tip on the Kelvin setting! I'll be sure to try that soon (I mostly just leave the white balance on auto most of the time).

    Are there any lenses though that are on your wishlist or are you happy with your current arsenal? :)

  12. @PuiYee ah no worries, I don't mind answer questions as long as people understand I'm not an expert and I don't feel comfortable posting tutorials for things I feel really ill-equipped for, you know? I get a lot of requests for tutorials but I just don't know how to do everything well, so I'm only going to do tutorials for things I feel comfortable about & think I can explain simply.
    And yeah I'd really love a simple wide-angle lens for shooting in tight spaces b/c the 50mm is really bad for that and the fisheye distorts a lot. I also just basically have 2 lenses, so I'd definitely like to expand at some point but we'll see when that happens. It's been an expensive enough year moving & marrying & whatnot.

  13. Hello again! I understand and I do look forward to whatever tutorials you've been planning :)

    Oh yeah...lenses can just blow a huge hole in your budget. It doesn't help with rising living costs around the world either. I only have a 50mm f1.8, or better known as the nifty fifty/plastic fantastic. I decided to not get the kit lens *gasp* and got this one instead cos I have a thing for blurry backgrounds. But yes, like you said...a 50mm doesn't do well at all in tight spaces. The focus is iffy at times, especially in low light where it hunts and hunts but misses and there's no image stabilization (can be remedied with a tripod!). Those are the downsides of it but oh well, I'll work with what I have for now to improve my skills and perhaps upgrade it one day! :)


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