Outfit: Let Me In

The "read more" is definitely handy here since our Michael Myers photoshoot last year surprised (frightened?) a few people--so head's up for a vampire themed shoot after the jump. I'm not exactly ripping open people's throats, but we took some pretty creepy pictures in an old abandoned house that really captured the mood we wanted.

The flapper photoshoot I shared on Monday is actually what got me so excited to go out and take these photographs. I don't usually try to act or play a character in my photographs, so when a shoot calls for a different sort of look and pose it's really fun. I piled on all of the eyeshadow I could find and dug out my darkest lipstick and chose a new dress that looked sort of Gothic (I actually really like this dress and want to wear it in more "normal" conditions soon). We had some fake teeth but they looked quite awful so we quickly abandoned them and focused more on creepy shots and shadows. If the house wasn't scary enough I nearly fell backwards down the stairs when a cat came streaking out of one of the bedrooms and straight for me. Thankfully that was the only living occupant of the house we encountered during our brief visit... 
details: Choies dress, old necklaces, spiked belt, lace-up flats
*pictures by Thomas*


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