Outfit: Borrowed From The Boys

These trousers were meant to be a bit more fitted and 50s style, but on (practically) hipless me they sort of fall straight and boyish. Not that I'm complaining, although I expected a different style I like the way these look, it gives me an excuse to try a more Newsies inspired look. It's fun to try out different styles and between the looser fit trousers and boyish monk strap shoes (honestly why is it so hard to find women's monk straps?) it's pretty far from my typical feminine affectations. Still there's a nod to the vintage and my favorite accessories to keep me comfortable in the atypical outfit.



  1. Very cute. I think the beret is what really finished off the look.

  2. Love this look! Your hair, purse, and penny loafers match hues perfectly :)


  3. I love this look! Totally something different, but still so sweet. And I need those shoes in my life!

  4. Love this whole look, the green with your hair is just stunning! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  5. Love this look! Those shoes are amazing!

  6. I absolutely LOVE your shoes! I can't stress enough how much I love your fall color schemes, your bright orange hair and the deep green outfit, so cute!


  7. oooo love the trousers! I have a pair in almost the same pattern and colour scheme but they are more like jeggings and I much prefer this high-waisted, more loose fitting, pocketed version! they have tooons of cute high waisted/ patterned trousers around tokyo but they all are one-size-female- translation- 00 and will never fit my hips :( :( le sigh.


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