Outfit: Country Lady

This outfit feels like a slightly updated take on an English country lady. The sorts of clothes the ladies would wear while dining outside and the men go hunt foxes or shoot clay pigeons. It's quite surreal to see a fox hunt here--men in red jackets riding around on horses with packs of hounds howling before them (I always hope the fox gets away). It looks like something out of a movie or scene from the past. People often assume an interest in vintage fashion or styles also indicates a passion for retrograde lifestyles or a desire to return to a supposed idyllic time. But for myself at least my passion for retro aesthetics doesn't extend beyond the image. I'd never want to live in another decade lacking today's technology, medicinal advances, human rights progress, and so on. I'll stick to my favorite classic films and vintage clothes, but I'll enjoy them in this time and place, thanks.

*pictures by Thomas*


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