Outfit: Holiday Party Ready

I hope all of my stateside friends had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. Felt a little sad to miss it this year; I still had a lovely day with Thomas, but the lack of seasonal festivities reminded me of my college years when my family lived too far away to visit on Thanksgiving and I spent the long weekends alone wandering the ghost town of my campus. Holidays can be a lonely, isolating experience whenever you don't have a chance to share them with loved ones. But I don't mean to be too somber because there are other festivities around the corner and I will be seeing most of my family at Christmas and today I'm dressed up in my best holiday gear. Holiday party clothes tend to be very seasonally impractical--sequin dresses never offer much warmth and heels don't make sense in winter's usually icy conditions. But those clothes are the most fun to wear! This year however I'm leaning more towards the cozy meets cushy side. This translates to an old very worn-in sweater paired with a beautiful brocade skirt and a few decorative touches to bring the whole look together. My headpiece is actually the one I commissioned for my wedding--I've been waiting for another excuse to wear it because it's such a beautiful piece and the reason I got a metal headpiece instead of a floral one was so I could re-wear it. All in all the look feels apropriately glam for someone who usually loves sequins and other shiny objects, but also means I won't spend my whole evening at the party shivering! How will you be dressing up for holiday parties this year?  
old sweater, Closet London skirt (sold out, dress here), Unique Vintage tights, old heels (similar)
*pictures by Thomas*


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