Outfit: Rose Colored

One rainy day I'd like to shoot a beautiful homage to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. But I'm usually over-optimistic about rainy day pictures; I envision scenes from my favorite films (like Singing in the Rain) and think everything will be oh-so-charming with an umbrella on to. And then I am awakened to the true reality of rainy, wintry days--the bitter wind that whips straight through you and sends your hair into tangles. The cold rain that falls at an angle so no matter how you hold your umbrella it will find a way to reach your skin. Certainly I could try to dress better for the weather (although I am wearing tights & a few layers) in boots for splashing in puddles and thicker coats and scarves. But this outfit suits the necessary activities and quick march between the front door and car door; it only falls apart in the longer outdoor session of photo-taking.

*left: how my pictures look, right: what it's actually like taking them* 

*pictures by Thomas*



  1. Oh I love the movement in the picture on the right! :D

  2. Wonderful look and photos. Greetings!

  3. My legs are freezing to death just looking at you! Aha, wonderful outfit, dear!


  4. Absolutely perfect!Your color hair with pink, it's a perfect match!
    Kisses from Spain!


  5. Love this - pretty in pink! You make me want to by nothing but oxfords!

  6. This outfit is so elegant! It feels very vintage-y. If I could place a era, I definitely would but I'm horrible at placing correct eras to fashion. The color scheme is absolutely perfect!

    How To Be More Like Lauren

  7. haha i love the comparison photos! so hilarious/adorable. i often get way too optimistic taking pictures in the rain, too. and while it never gets that cold where i'm from, light drizzles can quickly turn into torrential tropical rains at the drop of a hat!

  8. @Lauren Lalicon, it's a 60s inspired outfit. The mini and peterpan collar on my blouse are very 60s markers, as is the hairstyle (although more teasing would have been more historically accurate). The musical I also list as an inspiration is from 1964 (I highly recommend watching it, it's great).

  9. That coat is gorgeous and those shoes are so pretty!



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