Travel: Mexico's First Over the Ocean Bungalows

While in Mexico we're staying at a Karisma hotel--our room is stunning but it can't quite compete with the new over-the-sea bungalows they're building. We had a chance to briefly enjoy one of the nearly finished bungalows and it is a sight to behold! The whole bungalow is round with a palm thatch roof and the interior is cleverly designed to hold a bed, eating area, and jacuzzi (as well as outdoor shower, pool, and sunning area!). It felt incredibly spacious, but apparently this is only the first model and the others will be even larger. My favorite detail is the glass windows in the floor that let you see the water beneath your feet; they even have lights around them so the sea is lit up at night. Karisma Hotels are truly an experience since it's an all-inclusive gourmet hotel; meaning the price of your room includes all of your meals and drinks while you stay. It really takes the guesswork out of your holiday budget so you don't need to stress over every frozen treat you indulge in! They have hotels in Mexico that are only for couples as well as family friendly ones. Our favorite spot was definitely these bungalows and I'm already dreaming of when we can get back inside one!

It's our first visit to Mexico for both Thomas and myself, but it has reminded me a lot of my Christmas vacations during college when my family lived in Hawaii and I'd fly home to them in Honolulu. Just sunny skies, beautiful beaches, bright clothing, and tropical flowers. It's a different country, but in a really lovely way it feels familiar and nostalgic for me. Sometimes I even have a hard time remembering I graduated from high school in Hawaii.

details: Cheap Monday sunglasses, ASOS dress, silver flats
*pictures by Thomas*

Thank you Karisma Hotels for the complimentary stay and making our first visit to Mexico so magical. As always, all love of the ocean and opinions in this post are my own.



  1. Wow, it looks so beautiful there!!! You look so happy and joyful, as well!

  2. This holiday & this hotel looks beautiful and absolutely like paradise. I was just wondering, are these sponsored posts or are you just totally in love with the place? Because you're making me consider Mexico for my next vacation!

    1. definitely totally in love! we got the stay complimentary, but that doesn't make it any less one of our favorite stays.

  3. Your photos are so amazing! It looks like you had a blast.

  4. @Anonymous, my hotel stay was courtesy of the hotel, however this post isn't sponsored. They did request one post talking about the hotel which I will be posting later & it will be clear it is sponsored. All of these other posts I've shared that mention the hotel/Mexico have just been because we're really loving it here. Like this bungalows; we briefly saw the finished one and asked if we could go back another day in the evening and explore it more. The hotel never asked us to share it--we just love it so much and think it's awesome--Thomas has actually always wanted to stay in a bungalow. :)

  5. Wow! The bungalow is breath-taking! I love the wide windows and the clear flooring. AH, must be beautiful in the day!

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  6. This looks amazing! So jealous of this fabulous location!

  7. What a perfect place. I love the way you can see straight into the water through the floor.
    That dress - the colour is perfect


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