Outfit: Psychedelic Katharine Hepburn and A Holiday Treat

I would describe this dress as "psychedelic Katharine Hepburn." The shape is very clean and minimalist, with a sharp collar and almost boxy top that reminds me so much of Katharine Hepburn's tomboy chic style. She didn't wear a lot of dresses in her personal style, but I feel like she would approve of the pockets and ease of this look. However it's rendered in a vivid pink silk that seems very anti-Hepburn, hence the psychedelic part. I've had it for a couple of months and wasn't certain where I was going to wear it and then as I packed for this trip I had an inkling it might be a good vacation dress. Wearing it here it definitely feels designed for this tropical paradise on a breezy bright day; the color fits in perfectly with the surroundings and style is ideal for this climate. I do feel a bit like an old Hollywood movie star in this dress, sipping daiquiris by the pool...
If you like the dress, I'm happy to say it's by the lovely Nina of Family Affairs who has been one of my favorite independent designers for years now. As is her tradition every Christmas she offers many of her pieces at a huge discount. I've participated in her 'holiday treats' sale for the past few years and it's fun to be collaborating with her again this year; so you can get this dress for 50% using code "aclotheshorseholiday".  My big tip for staying on budget and investing in independent designers is to look out for sales like this and buying pieces off-season. You might end up with a more limited selection than when the collection first was available, but it's hard to beat half price!
*pictures by Thomas*


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