Hair: Easy Pull-Through Braid

I shared this tutorial last month on A Beautiful Mess, but I had to re-post it here because it's one of my new favorite styles. I only learned how to do it this autumn and it's seriously so easy and can give you the look of really voluminous hair. My hair is sort of thick, but the final look of this braid gives me Disney-princess level hair--hair I never thought I'd get without adding extensions in! It's all in the trick of "pulling" your final braid from the outside edges; the hair elastics throughout the braid keep your style in tact as you pull and the result is the final really full look. So even if you don't have thick hair I definitely recommend trying this style if you've always dreamed of a really thick, full braid!

1. Start making two small ponytails one on top of the other.
2. Divide the top ponytail in half and pull the bottom ponytail up through the two halves (you can pin it to the top of your head to keep it out of the way).
3. Add some of your loose hair to the two halves of your top ponytail and tie it off in a new ponytail.
4. Now you take your new top ponytail, (the one you pinned on top) divide it in half, and pull the lower ponytail up through the two halves.
5. Again add some of your loose hair to these two halves and tie it off with an elastic.
6. Repeat this step until you reach a few inches before the ends of your hair.
7. Now for the fullness! Pull on the outer edges of each section starting from the top and working your way down. My braids usually start lop-sided in parts, but by looking in a mirror as I go I can even them out by pulling more on one side than the other. 


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