Outfit: The Little Things

I don't consider myself a very detail orientated person, but when it comes to fashion it is little details that make me fall in love with an item. Anything a little extra or special to make a whole look feel more personal. It's probably why I can never really be a minimalist--super clean looks and chic little sheaths just seem so impersonal. Sometimes people seem afraid to invest in a lot of cutesy, specific items because they think "what will I wear them with?" But when you look at those special items as basics then there's a world of possibilities. Rather than seeing this as a very specific hat that can only be worn with certain outfits, this is merely a tan beret and can be paired with any outfit that would benefit from a simple, tan hat. It's different for everyone; what appeals to them to collect or invest in, how they want to dress, etc. But for me I'll keep looking for those pieces with a little something extra, something that sets them apart...  
details: Beauxo beret, Lindy Bop sweater, Joules jacket, skirt c/o Romwe, old oxfords, vintage purse
*all pictures by me*
**updated 3/21: pictures in this post have been edited to remove embroidery detail from beret at request of Beauxo**



  1. I loove the beret! Those little embroidery details are incredible. I am trying to focus on buying more basics because my eye also goes to that pieces that have something different. Love also the intarsia on the sweater!

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  2. This outfit is perfection!

    Kate from kateboheme.blogspot.com

  3. You are queen of details though, I love the quirky ones in your outfits! This beret is the absolute cutest <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  4. That berret is the cutest thing ever! And this outfit is gorgeous.


  5. I really like this colorful look perfect on you
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  6. This vintage outfit is really cute and gorgeous.You look really stylish.


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