Outfit: Vintage Brooches, Cat Prints & Girl Gangs

I don't have a tight-knit group of friends in my new homeland quite yet, so for the moment can I be a one-woman girl gang? It's my favorite aesthetic of the Internet fashion community at the moment; I want all of the be-pinned and patched (faux) leather jackets with witty one-liners and loads of personality. They've inspired me to wear my moto jacket again and add vintage rose brooches to the lapels. So squad or not at least I'm starting to look the part.

*pictures by Thomas*


Jess Corra said...

Gah! I love everything about today's post. The jacket keeps the dress from being twee -- I run into that problem a lot at only 4'11" -- I love sweeter clothes but am in danger of being considered twelve. But I LOVE that dress. The jacket is brilliant. And the pins add a romantic, grounding touch. It's fabulous. And I need that dress. I'm a HUGE cat an, and especially black cats!

The Teentrepreneur said...

This is absolutely STUNNING. Gah. I'm obsessed. Thanks for sharing!!

Cristina C75 said...

I absolutely love the twin brooches! I collect them :)


Miss Penny Lane said...

Love this outfit and you are stunning!! :)

Inma Rocamora said...

Great pics!!
You are stunning!! :)

If you want we can follow us each other!
Have a nice week! :)

NaturalElegance Fashion blog

Lotta said...

I'd immediately join your girl gang (not only because of your gorgeous outfit) :)

Kathy said...

I'd love to be a part of your girl gang.We're the same height so I feel a kinship already. Haha! Love your outfit!

Monica mota ocariz said...

I found you by instagram, love your photos, so beautiful!

Jenny said...

I have a very similar gold rose brooch that was my great grandmothers! How fun.

Damaris // The cat, you and us said...

Love your look here Rebecca! Definitely the most perfect girl gang :) I have a very small group of friends, so I can relate with your 1 member one here. Your feminine looks with an edgy touch with the leather jacket inspired me to buy my first ever leather jacket ever a few months ago, which I always associated with another styling aesthetic, but it turns out that I am really comfortable when paired with 70s dresses or feminine ones.

Damaris | The cat, you and us

Laura Mitbrodt said...

I love that cat print, too bad its sold out