Outfit: The X-Files

I've mentioned this a few times on the blog (although with blogging for so long it can mean the last mention was literally years ago), but my favorite television show of all time is The X-Files. I know I mostly post about vintage films or documentaries, but I'm an X-Files junkie all the way. I found it while a teenager through marathons with my sister and then really started to get into it in college and never really let go. There's such a fun dynamic/chemistry between the leads and a good mix of scary and funny episodes; my favorite episodes tend to just be the one off monster of the episodes rather than the overarching alien themes but I can't say there's anything I really dislike about the show! I met the news that they were making new episodes with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Would they be terrible (like the Arrested Development reboot), was it even possible to go back to Scully and Mulder after so many years? Ireland doesn't get the new episodes the day they come out in the US, but they are out a short time later and going over to my in-laws house for a bit of Scrabble (pre-show) and X-Files has become my weekly tradition. I'm sure everyone attached to the show has their own opinions about the new episodes, but I'm pretty relieved that they aren't terrible. There's some nice nods to the past and acknowledgement about how much technology and science has changed and some of that unbeatable chemistry between Mulder and Scully that basically became a television trope (I've lost count how many tv series I've seen that end up referencing those two).
Needless to say it seems inevitable that my X-Files passion would eventually reveal itself in an item of clothing and said item of clothing pretty much couldn't be more perfect than this handmade dress by Rustycuts. The print is obviously of Mulder's classic poster (which yes, I do have as well) and the cut is retro and clean. The perfect sort of dress to wear under your trusty jean jacket and take on monster-hunting adventures. We also tried channeling some of classic X-Files vibes in these pictures; shooting by a local planetarium and mixing in a few *creepy vibes* with their barbed fences and menacing security cameras. I think one of the best homages would be to just dress as Scully one of these Halloweens in an oversized pantsuit, but this outfit is definitely more my personal style.



  1. Gorgeous, love the hair! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other!


  2. I love how blue your eyes on the photo where you are sitting down and looking up. They are as pretty and blue as your hair.

  3. This photoshoot is so cool! I love your dress

  4. Such a fun photoshoot! For some reason the backpack on the fence is my favorite.

    You've made me want to watch X-Files!

  5. Love all of these photos! The Xfiles was one of my favorite shows in elementary school. I remeber my whole family watching it every Sunday night. My best childhood friend and I had an xfiles club, which involved pretending to investigate super natural cases around our town. We even made up our own song haha. It's a show that I always found myself going back to watch amd I love continuing to meet people who love it as much as I do. I have one more new episode to watch!


  6. Love this Outfit, I'm a fan of TXF since 1994. Damn, that's a loooong time.😁


  7. Always love looking at your photos!


  8. Could that setting be any more perfect for the context? Brava.



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