A Messy Mermaid Braid

So technically this is a "faux fishtail braid" which is a sort of cheat on a braid intended to look like fishtail braids (because fishtail braids are a pain to do the real way!). However if a mermaid was to braid her hair could you think of a more appropriate hairstyle than a fishtail braid? I can't and while I have blue hair this style never fails to make me feel like a mermaid. It's my favorite style right now and I look forward to playing with the look all summer; incorporating more braids and textures into the style. If you want the look for yourself follow the how-to below.
How to:
-start by making a small ponytail and tie off with an elastic
-divide the hair above your elastic in two and flip your ponytail up and pull it down through opening
-pull tight
-make another small ponytail below your first one and repeat the steps; divide the hair above the second elastic, flip your ponytail up and pull it down through the opening, pull tight
-repeat all the way down the back of your head until a few inches from the ends of your hair
-gently pull/pancake each section of your hair to get a full, messy look
Very easy right? For me at least it takes way less time than an actual fishtail braid and I find it holds the layers of my hair better because it's reinforced by elastics along the way. You can also control how messy/big your braid gets; sometimes I opt for a more slick look and other times--the bigger the better!


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