Outfit: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

While the post title might come from a more recent movie, the outfit is inspired by an older movie, namely: What A Way To Go. I've lost count of the number of times I've mentioned, recapped, and recommended this film on the blog, but if you haven't seen it yet and enjoy old comedies and 1960s fashion, do yourself a favor and hunt a copy of this film down! It is one of the funniest movies, but also total eye candy with jaw-dropping and head-scratching style in equal measures. One of Shirley MacLaine's most iconic looks in the film was a head-to-toe pink ensemble--and I do mean head-to-toe; her hair was dyed to match her floor length fur coat! I had that look in mind when I threw my faux fur pink coat on top of my dress and thought "why not?"
Also I really like my sweet little unicorn sea horse purse, but I'm thinking of getting rid of it (been meaning to do some spring cleaning and list a few things in Depop). The purse comes with an unadjustable chain strap which is sadly too long for me, but since I think it's so cute I'm tempted to remove the straps and use it as a clutch. What do you think: "too many novelty purses this one can go" or "it's cute, keep it?"

*all pictures by me*



  1. i really only started watching vintage movies as an adult (i was never introduced to them growing up, which is a shame!) and i have almost all of your film recommendations listed down somewhere. i still haven't watched What A Way To Go, but i will make it my mission in the coming weeks! your film-inspired outfit is certainly reason enough. (:

    PS. IT'S CUTE, KEEP IT! otherwise, sell it to me. hahaha x

  2. Keep it, and use it as a clutch! :-)

  3. I would keep that purse! It's just too gorgeous to get rid of! I'm also a sucker for sparkly statement pieces. That dress looks so gorgeous on you, by the way.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  4. Totally gunna have to watch it when I'm back in the uk. Loving the look especially that seahorse <3

    The Quirky Queer

  5. This outfit is so cute, and the baby pink goes really well with your hair :-)

  6. your coat is so cute! I love pink

  7. Keep the purse as a clutch, you'll regret giving it up! But DO sell stuff you don't want anymore on DePop—and let us know when you list things because I'd love to snap up some of your cast offs. :) Also, unrelated, would you consider doing a hair how-to post on styling/maintaining bangs? I have been a long term bang-wearer but recently grew them out because as a wavy-hair person, styling them every day (and getting them trimmed professionally) has become too big of a hassle. But yours always look so good. Do you trim them yourself, and if so, how? Would love to hear more. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Definitely keep that purse. It's too cute to give away! Keep it as a clutch, as others have suggested, or
    take it to a shoemaker, they sure can fix a problem like that. They'll be able to shorten it for you.
    I'm not familiar with DePop but if it's a place where us readers might be able to buy something your clothes / accessories,
    I'm all up for it! Just keep it international, please, as I'm from Finland!

    I only just found your blog and I have post ideas for you. If you have already done these, would you take the time to give me a link
    so I'll find them? Thank you.

    - Your favourite movies style wise
    - Where do you like to shop (You've mentioned some of these before, but would like to see a updated post with your absolutely favourite places)
    - a master post showing ALL your novelty purses :)

  9. You can't get rid of your purses! They're so cute!!

  10. @Sharon, my hair is naturally straight so my bangs/fringe just sort of fall this way without too much effort. I usually let my hair air dry and I try to comb it a bit while it's still damp, but otherwise I leave it alone. I do just trim my fringe at home; I've seen some people twist their bangs and then do a quick trim, but for me I just work slowly looking in the mirror. It's good to have a target (I like mine right at my eyebrows so my brows are mostly hidden) and work while they're dry (b/c if you do it wet it dries shorter so it's easier to see what you're doing when it's dry). Also a good pair of scissors is really helpful, I use my sewing scissors which are super sharp. A more dull pair makes it so much harder!

  11. @Anonymous, Thanks for the suggestions--I'll keep those in mind. I've been wanting to work on more movie posts, so the style one would be a good fit.
    DePop is an app, so you can find it in the app store and yes, it's where people sell their clothes. I'm also thinking of just doing an Instagram bid shop where everything starts low and more people have a chance at an item (I always get loads of e-mails after one thing sells from people who missed it, so a bid thing offers more people a chance, maybe). It'll definitely be International, everything will be shipping out of the UK.
    And the novelty purse post is totally in the works! I definitely want to shoot one, it's just a question of how to do it--there's a lot of purses so I can't shoot inside (not enough space) and then where outside am I going to drag them all too?? Haha but I'm working on that one so hopefully I'll be able to do it soon.

  12. extra magical with the furry/all around pink, sparkly seahorse, stone, greenery, overall dreaminess.. It feels so funny commenting on a blog, I am so new to them i'm usually on instagram, I need to figure out a website that lets me follow blogs but all in one place, i'm such a newbie..!

  13. @Melinda Ryan, thanks for the sweet comment. A lot of people use Bloglovin to follow blogs; it collects all of the blogs within one place and shares a little preview of each new post in chronological order of all the blogs you choose to follow and then you click on the ones you want to read the full post of.

  14. What is your depop?

  15. @Anonymous I am "aclotheshorse" there but I might not end up using it; people seem to like Instagram more when I asked and Depop actually takes a rather large commission from each sale I felt.

  16. So lovely! This look is absolute GOALS. <3 xo

  17. Thank you so much for your response re: your bangs/fringe! Really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day! :)


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