Outfit: The Lighthouse

I'm starting to realize that nautical inspired pieces are a big part of my wardrobe. If you ask me to describe my style I usually say something along the lines of "quirky ladylike" or "retro meets romantic meets reality" but maybe I should add "sea-worthy" to the list. So many of my favorite dresses have nautical prints (still love my South Seas dress and can't wait to bring it out in the summer), my favorite hat is a boater (which is less ocean more river related, but still related), and I'm a sucker for any sea related jewelry. All of this start long before I had blue hair and wanted to look like a mermaid! I'm also living on an island surrounded by many smaller islands that I love exploring with Thomas whenever we get a chance. You never feel too far from the sea and there's something really special about the way people live and used to live on those small islands that keeps drawing us back. So maybe now that I have identified this aspect of my style I should go with it more--more sailor collared blouses, more classic white and cream knits, etc. Every year I think more about a cohesive closet and every year I slowly try to inch myself in that direction--not a capsule wardrobe, but just pieces that can endless be mixed and remixed, maybe a tighter color palette, and all clothes being ones I want to wear again and again. Pieces by Emily and Fin would definitely be high on my keep list. Their cuts are classic, their prints are unique, and you know everything is made to last--they even have some nautical offerings for spring, like my lighthouse top which I'm wearing today.
Emily&Fin top c/o, vintage belt, old skirt, brogues, saddle purse
*pictures by Thomas*


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