Outfit: Stripes & Silk Scarves

Thomas doesn't get very involved in my shopping habits. Since I buy most of my clothes online, I'm often just browsing and choosing by myself without any second opinions or even him lurking outside a fitting room. Still every once in awhile when I'm torn, I'll turn the laptop around and ask him which he prefers out of a couple of options. Case in point: silk animal scarves by Cleo Ferin Mercury. For this choice it was between Mondrian Rabbit (which I thought might be fun with the blue hair) or Arctic Wolf (which would go with a lot of things). His response, "always choose the wolf." Which sounds like solid life advice. I mean, in most scenarios wouldn't you rather be the wolf?
Also, this tee might just look like your basic striped tee (although you can never have enough of those), but it's seriously the softest tee in my closet. I wore it nearly non-stop when I was sick--don't worry it's been washed since then!



  1. Such a cute outfit, and the hair looks gorgeous!

  2. Ah your scarf is so cool!

  3. Ohh the scarf is so adorable! Love this look <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  4. I think the wolf silk scarf was a great choice! Great job, Thomas! haha! I love that it adds a fun and cute touch to this very classic outfit.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  5. Beautiful photos, the look is very cute.
    Casa Cherry

  6. Love the shoes!



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