Outfit: Red Double Decker Bus

Two summers ago I visited London with Thomas and my sister. We had a brilliant time wandering through museums and parks. I was snapped pictures every few feet and for some reason decided I needed a perfect picture of that iconic double decker red bus...While the buses were easy enough to spot a good picture of one was much harder to come by. Eventually on our last night I finally snapped a decent picture of a red double decker bus and could head home happy (you can see my favorite London snaps from that trip here). Today a red double decker bus picture is much easier to come by thanks to my latest novelty purse from Unique Vintage. Maybe I'll bring this purse over with me next time I hop over to London...   
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. What a cool place to take photos, I love that phone booth and your bag is so cute

  2. Love these photos! That old telephone booth is so cool! It amazes me how you find such perfect spots for all of your outfits. That purse is so cute. I love your sunglasses too!

    A Sentimental Adventure

  3. My goodness I just love your hair color! I wish I could get to London asp!

  4. Love this!

  5. I love the telephone booth!


  6. The bag is so cute! I like your outfit! It's a long time from the last time I visited your blog, you new hair is really beautiful! This color brings me a different feeling because your red hair makes me feel like you are a characters from fairy tale :)
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