Outfit: I'm Really A Mermaid

Even without blue hair, mermaid necklaces, and nautical themed clothing--beach pictures will forever be my favorite pictures to take.
I'll take an excuse to go to the ocean, no matter the season. I enjoyed living near a beach for a year in Virginia; the sand was a short walk out my back door and I would wander the shore on misty mornings and snowy winter afternoons. Today I'm far from Virginia, and this sandy shore is quite different from my old haunts, but with the sun out there isn't any place I'd rather be. Of course, since I'm a sucker for a theme and my closet is fairly bursting with sea-inspired pieces right now most of my pictures at the beach will include sea shell jewelry and octopi skirts! Thomas got me this sweet fish pouch for my birthday; it's the perfect size to hold loose change or your sunglasses and as cute as the outside, the inside lining is equally great mimicking the inside of a fish!

*pictures by Thomas*


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