Outfit: A Little Bit Dorothy

In autumn when it starts to hit 50 degrees I'm shivering and reaching for our coats, but after a long winter when the sun is out and it hits the mid-50s suddenly I'm ready to bare my legs and leave my coat at home! It feels as if it has been months since the sun shined in Ireland and now it's out almost every day and the park beside us which was silent as a tomb all winter is filled every morning with the chatter of walkers and children on the playground. Everyone seems eager to take advantage of the good weather and savour it while it lasts. I've been longing to wear lightweight little sundresses, so I couldn't resist this gingham one. It reminds me of picnics and will look sweet with sandals this summer, but today I tried a little Dorothy-inspired look with a vintage basket purse and a felt flower nod to the deadly poppy fields clipped in my hair. A lot of girls seem inspired by Alice's adventures in Wonderland, but I've personally always felt a stronger connection to Dorothy in Oz. They're both far from home and a little bit lost, but making friends and discoveries along the way. I really enjoyed L. Frank Baum's books when I was younger although my outfit's inspiration stems more from the film than the movie. The shoes were silver in the book.

*all pictures by me*



  1. Hey, I absolutely love your blog, your outfits and picture are beautiful, but I actually can't read what you write properly, as your social media bar covers it up partially. I don't know if it's just a computer problem or if it happens to other people too.
    Have a lovely day ^^

  2. I can't get over this post! I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!!

  3. @Maddy Lines, I think it's a browser issue; it seems to show up fine on some browsers but not on others. I can't figure out how to fix it on my own, but I'll ask the girl who made my layout to help me with it. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Too perfect! I totally heart this look, from the adorable necklace to your pretty shoes. <3

  5. such a sweet look! *heart eyes*

    random question: is nars orgasm still your blush of choice? the flush of pink on your cheeks just looks so lovely against your pale skin! i can't stop staring. lol anddd now i feel like a creep haha ok i'll stop

  6. YOU ARE SO CUTE. Love the outfit!


  7. love these pictures! so so cute!!

  8. your dress is so cute! I love the vintage feeling


  9. I can't say it enough but I love your blue hair so much! It's so unique and matches perfectly well with your red lipstick. Great post!


  10. The evil poppies are a nice touch :) Love this outfit!

  11. This outfit is so cute, your dress is so pretty! I love that you've paired it with those red shoes too, they're gorgeous :)

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  12. Such a cute outfit and your blue hair stands out so much. :-)

  13. You're most definitely channeling Dorothy. Adorable look!


  14. @bestie, yep same blush (I'm actually nearing the end of the compact & prob need to buy a new one!). I'm prob just wearing too much of it in these pics so it looks more intense than usual haha.

  15. This is perfect! <3


  16. I just adore your style and hair! I'm so excited I came across you blog today! :-)


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