Moving Castle An Ethical Vintage-Inspired Collection

My blog post title pretty much says it all about this delightful line of clothing straight out of California designed by the lovely Jennifer, more commonly known as Jenny or shelovesdresses on Instagram. I forget exactly when I first started following Jenny on Instagram but she's someone I have intended to do a "style crush" post on for awhile and today it seems more fitting to focus on her style combined with her drive. Her new collection, available for pre-order reflects that whimsical, feminine, vintage-inspired style she is well known for but the purpose behind it and impetus to create is significant. This collection is her pushback to white beauty standards and the oppressive fashion industry standard of excessive thinness. It's a powerful message and adorable collection; a combination I'm quite the sucker for. For more check out Jenny's site or shop her collection "Moving Castle" here.


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