Outfit: Castle Towers & Trapped Princesses

Seems fitting to return to blogging after a brief break in a castle print dress posing by an old tower/gatehouse that reminds one of fairytale princesses trapped in cramped quarters and dreaming of freedom.
After all, while it wasn't a wicked step-mother or evil witch that kept me trapped inside for the past couple of weeks (but rather a bad case of the flu), the result is the same: listlessness, craving sunlight, a sweet breeze, and some prince to sweep you off your feet. Thankfully I've been feeling better and the weather was lovely this weekend so my own ever-sweet *prince* was kind enough to take me out for an adventure. It might have been a bit early in the year for bare legs, but I was celebrating my freedom!
Although the weather might still call for tights and a jacket most days, it is finally starting to feel like spring here. The snowdrops have given way to daffodils and a few bold trees are starting to show green buds. Style-wise I'm craving a more pastel palette than usual for me this spring; light greens and blues feel especially fresh paired with everything rose gold. I'll get a lot of wear out of my new watch and these old shoes from who-knows-how-many-years-ago are definitely going to be in high rotation again. Just give me more sunshine and the freedom to wander about outside...


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