Outfit: Adventures in Overalls

Here's something I thought I'd never wear (as an adult anyway): overalls.
But I must once again bow to the power of suggestion, or the power of seeing them over and over again on street fashion sites and blogs until I was intrigued. Intrigued enough to invest in a pair for myself and I'm glad I did. They might not be the most "flattering" thing for my height or body type, but they're really comfortable and suit my spring adventuring better than most of my outfits! Flattering in fashion is usually a term used to mean makes your stomach look flat and your legs look long and yeah, a lot of times I care about looking my best, but sometimes it just seems like a waste of energy to be focused on looking like something you're not (like a model). What seems more important is that I put the overalls on and I immediately felt good in them, maybe even slightly cool. I'm already imagining more outfits around these overalls (or my "romper suit" as Thomas has affectionately dubbed it); it'll be perfect this summer thrown over swim suits or crop tops with braided hair and look perfect in the orchard this autumn with a striped tee and cozy cardigan. I'm still debating whether I should go full-on farmer with a plaid shirt and wellies, or if I should resist styling them that way!

details: old blouse, Hanoi sunglasses, Madewell overalls, Kurt Geiger espadrilles, backpack
*pictures by Thomas*


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